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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This is for the people whom they think they're my friends:

You dont have the right to judge me
because you don't even know the whole story.
You People dont have the right to mess with my life
and you don't have the right to tell me what to do.
Im not a child anymore. I know how to control myself.
You even witness & know that from the day I left Home.
Yes I have changed but its for the better.
You don't have the right to adviced me because its useless.
I have my own beliefs and I'll always stand for what I think is Best for me.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

To all my Friends

Friendship is something that lives and grows.
It requires tim, care, attention and has ups and downs.
Sometimes the arguement makes the friendship
stronger than ever.

Friendship is almost a thing in itself & yet,
you can't taste or touch.

I have seen changes in me because of you
& maybe changes in you because of me.

I am the same person I was before and yet,
because the of your presence in my life, I become different.
I have become more sure of myself because you like me the way I am.

I become interested in more things & I
have grown as a person because of sharing.......
and you too have change & grow.

I am learning from our friendship that there are things
in life, the most important one that I can't see,
count or measure in any way, that I don't perfectly understand.

I can't really define or even describe a friend.
The more I know & share w/ you, the more I know you.

We can be friends for more years & still find something new in each other.
All I know about you my friend, is that I you help me
become better, stronger, freer, happier.....

The friendship which I can't see, touch or taste
makes all the difference in my life.

For December 16,2007

me & officemates of GMCI USA

GMCI Christmas Party 12/22/07

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